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Hanover’s Innovative People Program (HIPP) is an initiative by Hanover’s Economic Development team, to drive the recruitment and retention of people, business and investment to the community. It infuses creativity, culture and business with the tools to accelerate Hanover to the next level. It encourages people to make Hanover their own, by highlighting the cultural layers, business resources and career value.

By leveraging assets and creativity in Hanover, our goal is to speak directly to people who are looking for change, opportunity or enhancement of their current lifestyle. As a result, the following four campaigns were created.


An apprenticeship can skyrocket your chances at having a great career. Hanover is a huge advocate of youth in apprenticeship programs and is working hard to support you and your interest in skilled trades.


Welcome to our Cultural matchmaker quiz. No, it’s not a dating site, per se. It is, however, a fun way to match your personality type with the cultural attractions within and surrounding Hanover. The goal is to give you opportunities to become more engaged with our community, through participation or volunteerism.


Yes, this is Hanover! As regional centre in Grey County, Hanover prides itself on being a progressive and vibrant community. A hub for services surrounded by a rural landscape, within 90 minutes to major urban centres, Hanover is an exciting place to live. With a casino, horse raceway, a live music and theatre scene, as well as lots of recreational sports to keep you busy after your day job, you’ll never be bored.


Are you finding yourself dreaming more about the business you’ve always wanted to start? What’s holding you back? Hanover embraces people with big ideas and has super friendly programs that understand and respect the spirit of you, the entrepreneur. Ready to take the leap?